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How to order

Order Process
1. Send your requirements to our support team at
2. Provide with your design artwork
3. Approve the artwork proof and send the fund
4. Printing process started
5. Order will be sent to your address once finish

Artwork Guidelines
We accept the following files for artworks:

- Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf, before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or include the fonts you used in the artwrok)
- Adobe Illustrator Artwork (*.ai, please create outlines for all the texts in the artwork)
- Adobe Photoshop Image (*.psd, fonts must be included)

The resolution of your artworks should at least be 300dpi (300 pixels per INCH or 118 pixels per CM) to create high quality printing matters. If your image contains texts, we suggest you use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.

Before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or attach the TrueType TTF fonts you used in the artwork, as we do not print directly from the PDF files)

Texts in image files (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG) will not be printed as sharp as other formats with text layers like Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, Freehand, Indesign. We suggest you send us your source files with texts layers to us to get better printing result.  If you do not have the source files, please use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.

If you have used special fonts (or Mac fonts), please send the TrueType TTF font files to us as well, to avoid any font problems, please transfer the texts into vector paths by creating outlines.

Color : All color are nominated CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), depending upon the printing process by which your job will be printed. Please note that certain Pantone colours are outside the printable colour range of CMYK devices. Screen colours are never accurate, please check Pantone or CMYK specifications. If your CMYK artwork contains large areas of the color black, we strongly recommend the addition of at least 40% (C) Cyan in addition to the 100% (K) Black to produce a richer better looking black. Please note that colour settings need to be more than 8% to be printable.

Lines : A line thinner that 0.076mm will not appear on output.